From Start to Finish

The design process can be quite overwhelming for the first time client. That is where our many years of experience will provide reassurance that your system will match your needs, with a cost effective quality design and materials incorporated into the system to give you many years of service.

The process starts with a Soil and Site Evaluation. Test holes must be dug, usually by a Excavator or Backhoe, to a depth of 6 feet with the ability for us to walk into the test hole. You cannot use a ladder to get to the bottom. The test holes need to remain open for the county regulator to inspect and confirm our findings.

We then complete a Soil Analysis of the type of soil that is in the test holes. We can dig these test holes for you at your site and recommend doing so as we know where the best locations for the test holes are. We will dig in many places to determine the least expensive system for your project.

Next, we complete a Site Evaluation locating the test holes, location of Wells, creeks, topography, buildings, and location of neighbor influences that may effect the design. We incorporate our Total Station (survey equipment) to fully understand the site.

The design follows with complete engineering including accurate drawings and specifications, so the contractor can efficiently quote the price of the installation project. The inspection and start up follow, with accurate AutoCAD drawings and reporting of depths and settings. Finally, the county inspects and gives their approval for cover and final use.

We guarantee our design from 5 years following the installation and will follow up free of charge any issues that are related to our design. We will also help with any questions or alarms that may be occurring.

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